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Quality Control

GWM follows inspection levels to provide quality engineered with means of selection one of several sample size code letter for given lot size. The effect is to offer several sampling plans each with approximately with the same probabilities of acceptance in the region of good quality.

The basis steps in quality control in GWM would be as follows.

The GWM Quality Control Process




Determine lot size

Lot size may be controlled by lot formation criteria contained in procurement of documents. Otherwise establishment by agreement between the responsible authority & the supplier.


Determine inspection level

If the the item specification does not give the inspection level, use inspection level II.


Determine sample size code letter

Based on lot size & inspection level


Determine sampling plans

Single plan is generally selected. Double or multiple sampling may be used.


Sample size & acceptance no.

Assembling single sampling, normal inspection & given size code letter


Select sample

The sample consisting of the number of unit of products random from the lot.


Inspect sample

The defective are counted. If this count does not exceed the acceptance no, entire lot is accepted. If the count equals or exceeds rejection no, then the entire lots is rejected.


Record inspection results

Compute the estimated process average. If this is required by operating procedures, maintain a record of acceptance/rejection decision in order that rules may be followed